Tokyo where large corporate advertising neon murals cover buildings create a
non-stop exciting atmosphere.
After I came to Los Angeles in 1979 I started to notice how a single neon line
on a building creates a powerful image.
In 1985 I studied neon design and techniques from Richard Jenkins who is the
co-founder of the Museum of Neon Art. I started working as a neon designer
for commercial and residential projects, such as neon light accents on buildings
and neon storefront signs. The following year I began learning to bend neon glass. Now I was able to manufacture neon myself. At the same time I started
making art using neon. I enjoyed combining neon with natural materials such as
driftwood or stone found at the beach or desert. I often use neon in primary
colors which I cover with acrylic, resin and fabric to create a thick line or shape
in light. Stone gives me energy, with wood comes a calm feeling and neon brings an element of surprise. Putting these materials together they can help
each other to co-exist.
My favorite time to view neon is just before sunset when neon and the cityscape melt into one piece with the sunset light in the background. Neon is
now part of our visual culture.
Neon Artist & Neon Designer:
Kunio Ohashi
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